About Us


Let's go back, way back in time, when baby Bones and Tubs walked into the Band Classroom for the first time.  Being from different towns in our school district it wasn't until 6th grade that we met.  We were sat next to each other and legitimately wanted to kill each other.  Eventually we became friends and two decades later we are still best friends. 

Fast forward to our teen and year adult years.  We've often partaken in many adventures and misadventures alike; expanding our minds and indulging our vices venturing into the realm of the psychedelic, leading to the death of ego.  People gravitated towards us when we were conversing about the Universe and our philosophies. 

Now we want to share those conversations with all of you, The Bones and Tubs Nation.

Open your mind and join us on this epic adventure.








Ryan Simpson "The Non-Believer"

Ryan has been creating pleasurable tones since '97.  He is the singer and song writer of our opening music. 

Thank you so much!